OPUS Options: Exterior

Body Colour

OPUS is available in a range of body colours. There are currently four body colours available as standard. However if you have a more specific colour in mind we offer a range of premium and luxury colours and finishes including textured finishes in the Luxury Range.

Classic Body OPUS Colours

Price: Free

Metallic GreyMetallic Grey

Matt BlackMatt Black



OPUS Spare Wheel and Carrier

Price: $199.00

Unfortunately accidents do happen, but with the OPUS Spare Wheel and Carrier you can be prepared. The Carrier is a steel hinged retaining frame fixed to the underneath of your OPUS, and includes a spare wheel with tyre, based on your choice of wheel. So you can be confident that you are ready if for all eventualities.

Spare Wheel

Awning Full

Full Awning: $1499.00
Extension Pods (each) $249.00
Extension Pod Inner Privacy Tent (each) $149.00

The OPUS Full awning provides a huge extra living area for you to enjoy. The full awning is custom made and is designed to compliment the shape and style of the OPUS itself. This is not a bolt on to the front of your OPUS but an extension giving you even more space away from the elements. And if that's not enough the Full awning is capable of taking two extension pods. The extension pods are designed for use with the OPUS Full Awning. The full awning is capable of taking two extension pods, which in turn can each take an inner privacy tent turning the space in to a sleeping area, transforming your OPUS in to a huge 10 berth camper. That is enough space for you, the kids, both sets of grandparents (in-laws optional) and whoever else might want to come along.

Awning Full